Walking Across the U.S.

3,000 Miles for Climate

I am walking across the United States because I believe in a sustainable future. This journey from the Pacific to the Atlantic is a fundraiser for climate action, a protest against fossil fuels, and an effort to reduce my carbon footprint. With your support, we can make a huge impact in the fight against the climate emergency!

100% of contributions will be donated to Sunrise Movement.

Sunrise Movement is a youth-led organization fighting for renewable energy, green jobs, equity in environmental justice, and achieving net zero carbon emissions in the next ten years. With over 400 local hubs, Sunrise Movement is mobilizing climate activists nation-wide, uniting folks of all backgrounds in the name of a sustainable future.

There is hope for a green future, but it will take all of us doing everything we can. Thank you for your support.

Image description: A forest of Redwoods on a sunny day.

Why I’m Walking

I am in California and need to get back east. Walking is an effort to reduce my carbon footprint, protest against fossil fuels, and fundraise for climate action. More…

Image description: A marmot sits on a rock at Mt. Massive, CO.


I’ll be updating as I go! Check out posts about my decision to walk, preparing for the journey, and stories from the road.

Image description: Hannah, she/her(s) in a sun hat in Laytonville, CA.

About Me

Environmentalist, educator, hiker, music-lover, Capricorn, sister/aunt/daughter/friend, obsessed with garlic. More…

Covid-19 Response

My daily interactions will be significantly lower (sometimes none) than they would be in my everyday life. I will be mostly quarantined as I hike and camp alone for the majority of the next six months. I am committed to traveling safely and responsibly.

I Vow To:

  • Maintain 6 feet distance
  • Always wear a mask indoors and in public spaces
  • Get tested and remain in place if experiencing any symptoms.


100% of funds will be donated to Sunrise Movement.