About Me

Image description: Hannah, she/her(s), bundled up and looking cold on Mt. Belford/Oxford, Colorado. 📍 Original Ute land.

Environmentalist, Educator, Hiker, Sustainability Enthusiast, Certified EMT, Obsessed with Garlic.

Hey there! I’m Hannah, and I’m so grateful you’re here.

As I prepare to embark, I am reflecting on the circumstances that allowed for this walk. I have no children, am unemployed due to Covid and lucky to have a small amount saved for the journey, and I walk this earth in white skin that allows me to feel safe in most places. I understand that planning for and completing such an adventure is a privilege, and I will do my best to carry it respectfully. I am incredibly grateful for my family, friends, and supporters who have made this possible.

My love for nature was born in the open fields of Connecticut and colorful hills of upstate New York, and continued to expand as I moved to California in adulthood. I attribute my deep appreciation for Earth and her beings to my step-dad Jimmie, who loves the moths and crickets of our backyard the same as he loves his human family. I have tried to follow in his footsteps in my personal and professional endeavors.

Since graduating from the University of Connecticut in 2015 I have been career-adventuring through ESL instruction, teaching environmental science as a Naturalist at an outdoor school, kayak guiding, selling veggies at farmer’s markets, supporting adolescents in substance-abuse recovery, working as an EMT, and non-profit outreach/education promoting zero waste in NYC.

In my free time I hike as much as possible, whether small trips up to The Pinnacle in New Preston, CT, backpacking 200 miles on the John Muir trail in the Sierras, or plugging away at my goal of summiting all of the 14ers in the lower 48 states. 22 of 67 down…

In my extra-extra free time, I enjoy putting colors on canvas, fiddling around with instruments, playing in gardens, eating raw garlic (great immune booster!), and spending time with my nieces and the other folks I love.

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