The Mermaid Room

It could be a dream. All of it, every moment of joy and fear, every thought of God and death, all of the blisters and shoulder pain, hugs from strangers and droplets of rain. The way the white horse galloped over after I said “I love you,” the way she warmed my insides like chamomile.Continue reading “The Mermaid Room”

Clinton, Oklahoma

There’s a young boy riding a dirt bike slowly in circles around what presumably is his guardian’s garage. A girl his age chases apathetically after him, as if saying “but it’s my turn” for the hundredth time. They go out of my sight, and I’m left staring at the garage – an old, concrete buildingContinue reading “Clinton, Oklahoma”

Pistachio Land

“We just passed you on the highway, somewhere near the world’s largest pistachio.” – Email from a kind passerby I woke up on Tuesday and set out for a light 16 mile day, and what would be the day I hit 1,000 miles. Despite being well rested, the pack had never felt so heavy. MyContinue reading “Pistachio Land”

Tomorrow – An honest rambling that lacks proper grammar and probably should have stayed in my journal.

(Written weeks ago, was not going to share but seems fitting now that I’m stopped in Amarillo. 2/18/21) Tomorrow reminds me of your shining, dark eyes. Tomorrow reminds me that I left them behind – somewhere I can’t remember. When I wake up tomorrow it will be cold, and I’ll be scared. For a little.Continue reading “Tomorrow – An honest rambling that lacks proper grammar and probably should have stayed in my journal.”

The Feet.

I am two months, three states, and close to 900 miles into the walk and on my third pair of shoes. (Images at the bottom – Warning!!! funky feet!) If you could see my feet right now, you would probably think I needed serious medical attention. Despite being 4.5 toenails lighter with permanent off-colored callouses,Continue reading “The Feet.”

Peace in a time of Violence

On January 6th violent far-right rioters breached and terrorized the Capitol – an event symbolizing the undying white supremacy and white privilege in this country. The whole world was watching – except for me. On January 6th I was experiencing perhaps the most peaceful day of my life – a day of meditation, song, community,Continue reading “Peace in a time of Violence”

Hannah the Penguin

On day 13 of my journey I left my camp spot in Twentynine Palms and set out towards the Glass Outhouse. Knowing there would be no services for over 100 miles, I stopped at a grocery store to resupply my food stock. After picking up enough food for the Mojave crossing, I left the storeContinue reading “Hannah the Penguin”

Visions in the Vortex

It was day three of the Mojave, my body seemed to be shrinking under an extra 8 pounds of water, and I was becoming increasingly stressed about possibly re-injuring my low back – a herniated disk in college that was debilitatingly painful, led to a three month bed rest, and kept me from running forContinue reading “Visions in the Vortex”


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